Panama Day 7- Santa Catalina

It was an open air room, and we had been concerned about mosquitoes, but we didn’t get bitten. It was a nice view to wake up to.

The hostel was in a very nice location, on a peninsula. I had a pretty bad sunburn on my back from snorkeling so was trying to stay out of the sun.

There was a nice lounge area where we spent the majority of our day with hammocks and lounge chairs. It was good to relax.


We were trying to decide what to do, as we were a hike from town and we didn’t have any food. Our plan was to maybe check out the beach then stay at the hostel in town. However, we saw some people eating then realized that the hostel served breakfast so we just ate there.

When we found out they also served lunch, we decided to stay for a while. There were no waves so surfing was out of the question, and anyhow my brother had a bad reaction to something in the water and was recovering so I didn’t want to surf without him.

So we walked down to the beach for a little while

While were were there, we ran into a couple girls we had met on the bus. They told us of the place they were staying that was really nice and only $8 a night versus the 14 we were paying so we decided to check it out. It was called Surfer’s Point.

This place was directly on the beach, versus the other place which was raised on a ledge so you had to hike down.


So once we checked in here we packed up our bags etc and moved over.

We ate dinner at the in house restaurant they had and met some dutch guy that had rented a car and driven here. He said the car rented by Avis was a complete shit hole nothing worked, including the 4 wheel drive. There was no GPS option and the roads had no signs, and he was in so much traffic leaving Panama City.

We checked out the sunset on the beach but couldn’t see it fully because of the clouds.

After dinner, we were trying to figure out what to do because there were no ATMs here and we were running very low on cash. We had initially planned on staying one more day here to relax, but we might be limited by our money.

Luckily, at dinner, we found out we could pay with a card at this hostel (my card didn’t work at the last hostel). So that re-opened the option to crashing another night. My brother wants to get our move on since he doesn’t like the heat here he wants to head to the highlands.

Our next stop was initially going to be Boquete but we opted for another place called Santa Fe. They are both similar in that they are out of our way a little bit (hour and a half), but beautiful mountain towns with waterfalls swimming holes hiking etc.

Santa Fe seems smaller and less traveled than Boquete, where as Boquete seems bigger and in the lonely planet says its where there are a lot of Western retirees which doesn’t much interest me to hangout with old people.

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