Cartagena Day 1

We woke up bright and early to catch our flight to Cartagena, only an hour ten minute flight from Medellin. Would have been a 15 hour or so bus ride and the flight was very affordable.

The airport was very nice & modern. The flight was great, very comfortable and we slept the whole way. We had had a pretty big last night there in Medellin so were hurting pretty bad, slept the entire flight.

We arrived in Cartagena, was very nice weather. Cartagena is a city right along the Northern Caribean coast of Colombia, reminds me a lot of Miami.

We were still beat so relaxed when we finally got to our hostel.

We walked a little around the city. There is a big wall around the city; I read in my guide book that the city was frequently attacked by pirates so we had to build a wall around it.

We walked around the plaza by the beach a little bit, very touristy area and everything was over priced

We went swimming on the beach right off the main road until 2 cops came to yell at us and told us we couldn’t swim there.
I thought Cartagena was going to seem really safe since it was a touristy area (I read online Disney cruise ships come here) but it definitely seems less safe than Medellin. We are a few minutes by taxi away from the main tourist area (seen in photo above) which seems a lot more safe, but where we are really isn’t bad either.

We were surprised at how much of a night life there is here, there were so many backpacker gringos all on this one road we are on. There was a live show we went to watch which was pretty cool at one of the bars. Unfortunately our hostel was right in the center of the action which we had no idea, and we may as well have been sleeping in the bar since it was ridiculously loud all night. When we finally came in after 4 am the party was still happening outside.

It was really hard to find a hostel, everything had been booked up so we waited until we got here to get one. We switched hostels after the first night and are in a much nicer/quieter area now, only a 2 minute walk from the action around the corner.

We signed up for kite surfing lessons, which I am really excited for. For the next 2 hours the next 4 days we have lessons, at $550,000 soles total for a total of 8 hours of lessons.

Everything is extremely expensive here, hostels $30,000 pesos ish for a cheap one, or around 17 a night. Jet ski wanted $50 for a half hour. We are going to end up spending a good amount of money here in our 10 day stay.

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