Banos day 7/Misahualli day 1 (puenting)

Today we had plans to finally head out of Banos. We wanted to go on a jungle trip and were told that the trips based out of Banos weren’t as good. So we planned to head 4 hours North to a little town called Misahualli which is supposedly filled with monkeys. But first I wanted to do a couple more things around Banos. We had to wait for Jeremy because he was coming and he had his last paragliding lesson today. So first we headed over to the waterfall by the hot springs, because I hadn’t really gotten a good picture and wanted to climb up a path by them.

We climbed a little bit up the path then decided it wasn’t worth climbing up, was too slippery.

Jeremy got back early from his lesson because he got rained out, so we headed over to the bridge in town to go “puenting” I had no idea what this was. We showed up and there were a few guys standing on the side of the bridge with some climbing ropes.

This was it?? Seriously?? Soo sketch. I pretty much was about to back out, trying to decide if it was worth the risk or not. We didn’t see anyone else do it, and I had no idea how it worked. Jeremy talked me into it, so we harnessed up. I was shitting myself at this point and was seriously considering not doing it. We climbed up onto two platforms on the side of the bridge.

This was insane. I figured out at this point how it worked though, that the rope was attached to the other side of the bridge, so when you jumped off you would swing under the bridge to the other side. At first I thought that we were literally just jumping off the bridge and somehow these climbing ropes were going to stop us? Like bungee jumping with climbing ropes. Anyhow, I had slightly more confidence in their set up but I was still shitting myself. I am pretty sure that climbing ropes are supposed to be replaced after 1-2 falls or something, and I am sure these had thousands on them.


Now Jeremy was the one that didn’t want to go, he was ready to back out. I was the one that was ready to go. So after a couple minutes we decided we would jump at the same time, and he counted 1..2..3.. jump! And jump we did..


Soo scary. Only lasted a few seconds obviously then there was a guy at the bottom with a rope. He would keep tossing it to us until we grabbed it and he towed us in.


Anyway, this was up there in the most crazy things I have done. More scary than bungee jumping and sky diving, at least you know those things are safe.


After that, we headed to the bus station. We bought a $4 bus to Tena, but were instructed to have them first drop us off at a bridge just before Tena. We got dropped off, crossed the bridge, then caught another bus to Misahualli. This was about 45 mins further.



This was a small town, it was already dark when we got here so we walked down to the river. We met a couple girls from Colorado on the bus. We grabbed dinner with them then we challenged some locals to a game called Ecuaball? Basically volleyball with a soccer ball. There was money on the game so we paid $15 to play against them and lost miserably, but it was a good time.


Apparently all the monkeys are asleep, so tomorrow we are excited to see them, we were told you have to watch your stuff because all the monkeys try to steal your things. We also planned very poorly and are all out of money so have to catch a bus to Tena tomorrow to find an ATM, probably an hour or an hour and a half each way. We will check out the city while we are there and try to book our Amazon jungle excursion, 2 nights 3 days.

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