Banos Day 3 (Canyoning)

Today we got up around 930 or so and had our hostel breakfast again of oatmeal, banana, and bread with jelly.

Jeremy and I headed into town to meet in front of the main church in town with Rich and Kristal. We went to a travel agency recommended by our hostel, MTS travel and rented a few ATVs. It was actually not raining today, the sun even came out for a little while! The guy wanted $20 for each for an hour, and I said if we rent 3 can we have for $17 each, he said no, then told us we could have them for $15 each.. Not very good bargaining on his end but we accepted.


The plan was to head up to the volcano, but we couldn’t find the trail and just ended up buzzing around the city and found some off road trails to take. Good time.

After that, we went back to MTS travel to book our canyoning tour. Canyoning is basically repelling down waterfalls. We booked the tour to Rio Blanco, and again the guy failed at bargaining. He wanted $25 each, we asked for $22, then he said $20.

We went to the hostel to grab Jeremy and grabbed a $2.50 lunch. Was actually pretty good, so I am probably going to continue to get meals at this place.

Rio Blanco had 5 waterfalls, and I guess was better than the other popular location. We headed back to MTS and geared up.


This place was recommended because I guess they were the only ones that give you some training before you leave. They had a climbing tower that we could practice repelling on.


We jumped in the back of the pick up and drove out about 20 minutes from town.


The drive brought us through a tunnel on the way to the neighboring town Puyo, where I think I might bike ride to tomorrow.

Once at our destination our guide kept telling us it was a 1 hour hike. We were not prepared for this as we were in wet suits and Rich had a sprained ankle that was bothering him. Turns out it was only about a 20 minute hike and he was just messing with us.


There were to be 5 waterfalls. It was really awesome. The first one was pretty small, but still got your adrenaline going none the less.


The third waterfall was one of the scariest things I have done, more nerve racking than skydiving or bungee jumping. It was probably about 60 feet high and we had to jump down while actually in the waterfall, and it was a tough entrance as well. And slippery.


A couple of the waterfalls we slid down. Overall an amazing experience and a great rush.


On the way back, there was a car off the road in a ditch.

At the same time, there was also randomly a stalled buggy on the side of the road. So all 8 or so of us somehow managed to push this car out of this gutter, then the people in the buggy jumped in the back of the truck with us. Honestly, I have no fucking idea what happened, it was so random and happened so quickly. The car had no damage on it whatsoever. Made zero sense, it was literally sideways in a gutter. And then the buggy thing.. I don’t know. The whole thing was so weird.


We were already soaking wet so headed to the hot springs. Apparently the “hot” hot spring opens at 6 pm, so we were just in time. The “hot” hot spring was over 110 degrees, it was the hottest water I have been in, soo hot. Kept having to switch from the hot spring back to the cold one.

Rich and Krista came to hang at our hostel tonight for a BBQ and some drinking. Saturday night so we are going out. Maybe zip lining tomorrow or biking, well see.

Anyway, today was amazing. I love this place.

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