Banos Day 2 (Tungurahua)

Got up about 915 today as we had plans to meet to go on the horse tour to see the active volcano Tungurahua.

Apparently Banos has been on “Orange” alert which means that the volcano could erupt at any time. It was erupting about 10 days ago they said but has been quiet since.

Little did I know apparently it is rainy season here, and just rains.. all the time. Kinda sucks. So we kind of waited around for the weather to clear up but then decided it wasn’t going to, so we booked the tour. It was a 2 hour tour and since we had a big group we paid $17 each. Me, Richard, Kristal, and my 2 new friends, Jonathan and Andrea (From Seattle and Switzerland), as well as a girl named Kristal came on the tour.

Jonathan, Andrea, and I had breakfast at the hostel, consisting of Croissants with home made jelly, oatmeal, and a banana.


We headed downtown to a gringo restaurant called Casa Hood. We booked the tour and walked 5 mins with the guide over to where the horses were kept.


We rode about 10 mins through the city the started our accent up the mountain. Of course it was raining the whole time and we got absolutely soaked.


There were some nice views, considering the rain, and our final destination was a river crossing. Although it was a volcano tour, there was no hope in actually seeing the volcano.


I had a real good time on the horses, I think we all did. The guide had them running for a bit, I have never been on a horse where they actually run. Good time.

When the tour was over, we were all thoroughly soaked and uncomfortable. Dana, Richard, and Kristal headed back to their hostel and Jonathan headed back to the hostel. I was already soaked, so I figured I may as well go straight to the hot springs. which were located directly under a waterfall. Andrea tagged along. Entry was $2.


The springs are fed from the volcano and were luke warm-ish. Apparently the locals think that all the minerals in the water have some spiritual healing power. We hung out there for an hour or so.


After that, I was starving so grabbed some food from the vendors right there. Pretty sure I ate some guinea pig, maybe some cat or dog, no fucking idea, but it definitely was not beef. I think I also got ripped off got paid the gringo price of $5.50 for a 6 ounce coke and roadkill with rice and corn that I am pretty sure had previously been sampled by a bug. The meal actually didn’t taste too bad though.


When we got back to the hostel and dried off a bit, we headed back to Casa Hood. We had some coffee and they play movies there so we watched the Big Lebowski.

Pizza at the hostel for $1/slice so hitting that up. Plans to go canyoning tomorrow (repelling down waterfalls)

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