Quito Day 3 (Mitad del Mundo)

I finally got a good nights sleep, went to sleep around 1 and was able to sleep through the sun shining directly in my eyes and the multiple car alarms going off all morning.

Had the usual hostel breakfast of corn flakes toast and banana, then had to wait for Krista and Rich to wake up.

Our plan was to head to Refugio de vida Silvestre, which is a wild life refuge that has an untouched part of the Andes, but we decided against it since it was tricky to get there and none of us are great in Spanish.

Instead we opted to head to a popular tourist destination called Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the World), which is the equator line.

To get there we had to catch one of the metro lines which was about a 15 minute walk from our hostel. We took the blue line North to Ofelia bus station, which was about a half an hour drive.

From here, we caught another bus, Mitad del Mundo, that brought us directly to the small tourist town, about another 45 minutes. Then entry fee here was $2.

There was randomly a museum in the park that we went to, and there was some crazy ass scary looking bugs

There were a couple llamas there..

The bus ride itself was interesting, as it brought us through a bunch of small towns and really allowed us to really see Quito. We went through many small towns, and saw everything from fenced in wealthy areas and poor small towns.

On the way home on the bus, there was some sketchy ass kid that was definitely eyeing down our stuff, which put us a little on edge.

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