Quito Day 1 (TeleferiQo)

Slept pretty bad last night, everyone in my room started shuffling around early. On top of that the room was so bright, and I forgot about all the car alarms that randomly go off every morning.

So I decided I would just get up, went downstairs had some breakfast and met up with the Mass girls I had met the previous night. We caught a cab to teleferiQo, which is essentially a gondola that brings you up to a peak where you can overlook the city.

There were some really nice views, and helped to get an overall impression of the city.

Didn’t do too much after that, came back and napped, chatted with some people, went out and got some really shitty food.

Messaged Jose who I am supposed to meet up with, because I don’t want to do too much fun stuff before he comes but then I don’t know when hes coming.

Walked around the center of town a bit..

Apparently it is tradition in Quito to make manequins and burn them on new years, supposed to symbolize burning your old self and starting over new I guess? Anyhow there were a million of these manequins around town for the festivies tonight.

This is the one at our hostel:

Then there were randomly guys that would cross dress and stop traffic to ask for money all around the city, no idea what was up with this..
We went to the supermarket and I brought some random fruit that I have yet to try

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