Quito day 0 (Arrival)

Arrived in Quito safe and sound, made it to my hostel. Kind of a piece of shit but whatever. Flight was 12 hrs with a 3 hr layover so was not too fun. Met a girl on the plane that is in the peace core so was comforting to know someone in the country.

Taxi driver was waiting with a sign for me and he brought me over to the hostel, about 20 min $15 ride from airport.

Brushed up on my spanish with the driver. Immediately got settled in and hung out at the bar with about 10 other people, small place.

One group from NY, one from mass, kid from new Zealand, girl from england, girl from Argentina and another girl from Chile.

Everyone was really friendly. City seems nice. Plans to go out with the girls from MA in the am in the city. Lots of partying tomorrow night.

Everyone is still partying but I’m calling it a night, 330am.

Overall everything went very well was not sketched out at all at any point, people to hangout with, winning!

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