Rio de Janeiro Day 3 (Santa Teresa)

We woke up early again today, as our flights were that evening.

It was really hot today, probably around 95-100 Fahrenheit.

We were staying in the center of the city right by Santa Teresa which was a popular destination. This was the “art” center of the city so we thought we would check it out.

(central landmark)

After walking by the central landmark of the center, we could see a giant mural on the sides of a building.


We found the stairs heading up to Santa Teresa after walking by the center of the bar district.


(el centro)

All of this is much sketchier at night when there are people lurking in the corners, prostitutes (some transvestites) on the streets, and passed out homeless people around.

My initial opinion on Rio and the area we were in was that it was a complete shit hole. Which in part, is still mostly true. However, with the graffiti, which makes it look even worst, I started having a different perspective on. You have to have a very open mind, but I started looking at it more as artwork. Without the whores and drunk guys there, it really was art.

(stairs 2)

(stairs 3)

When we reached the top, it became a little less artsy and a little trashier.

(top of stairs)

However, there was still artwork to be found.


(artwork 2)

At the top of the stairs we took a left and followed some railroad lines.

We found some sculptures made of garbage.

(garbage art)

We were told there was more to see down the road but we were really hot and just wanted to hit the road.

We got a little lost and took a different way out and ran across this. I thought it was so awesome. I might get it blown up.


We hit the road and plenty of traffic. The drive overall took about 7 hours.

We stopped half way to try to take a nap/break under a random tree at a gas station.


As we climbed under the barbed wire and a rock fell on my foot, we climbed to the top. Sweating our asses off we threw down the sheet under the tree, only to be attacked by bees. These things were fucking aggressive, and I’m allergic so I started booking it down the hill. After a sting to the face and back, we left. Scratching my arm on the barbed wire on the way out, we headed the rest of the way to Sao Paolo to the airport.

So I sit here now reflecting on the amazing trip I had, as my brother is airborne on separate flight. I will be arriving in Boston tomorrow afternoon only to fly to Seattle for our road trip to Whistler for a week long ski trip! Sometimes life is incredible.

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