Florianopolis Day 4 (Thong Bikini)

We had only booked 4 nights at the hostel so had to extend our stay. The hostel of 40 is always booked full so we had to change rooms.

We grabbed breakfast and enjoyed the usual time-drifting-by lying in the hammock and headed to town. We drifted down the river and stopped to jump off a couple rocks.

When we got to the beach we walked down to the end and grabbed a couple drinks from a stand. We had the guy blend up coconut juice with pineapple and vodka. He served mine to me in the pineapple and my brothers in the coconut.

We found a shady place in the bushes and enjoyed our drinks as Brazilian girls walked by in their thong bikinis and windsurfers went by.

On the walk back up the beach, we joined in on a volleyball game then went across the road to get icecream.

We heard some island-ish music so went over to investigate and eat some French fries.

On the way back, the river was running much faster so we decided to drift down once more.

After our stressful day, we had to relax at the hostel and later went into town to get some pizza after our 7pm free drink.

It was an early night, I couldn’t bring myself to go out so passed out at like 11. Little did I know but I would receive 37 mosquito bites on my left arm this night. Mosquitos are horrible here at night.

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