Rio de Janiero (Florianopolis Ishla Santa Catarina)

We got tons of sleep last night, and someone left the door open and I got eaten alive. I stopped counting at 80 bites. I have no idea where they came from. Mosquitoes? Bed bugs? I do know they fucking suck though.


We had plans to head to Rio today so we packed up our things. I spent like 2 hours searching for my toiletry bag and I don’t know what else that place is a time warp.

We said bye to our new friends and exchanged facebooks and made it out the door by like 12:30pm.

My brother really wanted to go to some waterslides called Agua Show, so we headed up to the north part of Islah Santa Catarina to hit up the water slides. It took about an hour to get there with all of the traffic, but they were pretty cool. They were very colorful and some people put a lot of time into constructing it.


We thought it was interesting how it was left in disrepair with random bricks sticking out of the ground etc that people could trip on, in the States that would be a lawsuit waiting to happen.

We finally made it on the road about 5pm after eating some disgustingly salty food (like everything else here) at the park and left our clothes hanging out the windows to dry.


The plan is to drive about half way to Rio (maybe in the Sao Paolo area) and sleep on a beach. We have a hostel booked in Rio for tomorrow night.

The people here drive like maniacs, tailgating flashing their high beams and the motorcycles weave in and out of the traffic.

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