Iguazu Day 1 (Buenos Iguazu)

I arrived in Buenos Aires and felt much more comfortable and confident, returning to a place I knew. I walked a little ways from the marina (that’s generally where sketchy cab drivers try to pick up dumb tourists) and caught a cab back to my old hostel, the Milhouse (30 Argentinan Pesos, ~$8 USD).

When I went in I tried to meet up with Jose to book a bus up to Iguauzu. The people at the hostel were being douche bags and wouldn’t let me go in to look for him or put my bag down. So I tried to message him on facebook when I saw him walk from downstairs. He said he could no longer come with me to Iguauzu because he didn’t have enough time since he had to go home now and his flight was on Monday.

So I booked my ticket alone, for $120USD one way to Iguazu from Buenos. This was for a “semi-cama” bus which reclines but not as far as a “cama” bus which folds out to a full out bed.
The full cama didn’t leave until later at night so I didn’t feel like waiting but it was only slightly more expensive. A flight costed around 950 pesos or $250 one way.  It was about 10:30am and my bus was at 1:30pm.

So I headed over to Ritz hostel where I had stayed before and showered/changed/booked my hostel in Iguazu/updated facebook status from the bathroom.

I went and ate at a nearby restaurant and caught a cab to Retiro bus station. I was anxious again because I heard about another Canadian that got robbed there, and the agent that booked my ticket also reminded me to be careful.

It was so easy and not scary this time around, first of all the cab dropped me right at my bus pretty much I didn’t have to walk 5 miles through the enormous station. So I chilled out, with ample time for my bus. It’s always more comfortable being in a familiar place. I double checked with an English speaking Uruguayan who confirmed I was in the right place for the bus.

(picture of bus)

We took the bus company Expresso Singer to Iguazu. The bus ride was pretty bad. It was supposed to be 18 hours but ended up taking 25:

We had barely left the Retiro bus station when the bus pulled over for an hour. We had to change busses (something wrong with the water on the bus?).

I then got seated next to this huge guy and was served a moldy sandwich for lunch. I mentioned to the guy and at a gas station he bought me another one at our next stop which was nice of him. I am sure I am not the only passenger on the 2 story bus that got a moldy sandwich, but they probably just ate it without noticing. Gross.

(picture inside bus)

On the bus I met a guy from Holland who speaks English which was nice. I also met a couple girls from France that also speak English. One of them came across like an arrogant bitch but I guess all the French do?  This is a more “touristy” bus route versus Uruguay so there seems to be more English speakers here.

The bus left at 1:30pm. At around 5am the bus pulled over again. I tried to ignore it and just sleep but eventually the heat and stuffiness became unbearable. When I went outside to see what was going on I heard that the bus had started shaking in the middle of the night. There were only 2 lug nuts out of 10 holding the wheel on, so fucking ridiculously unsafe.


(waiting outside)

The engine also wouldn’t start for some reason, so we couldn’t get our luggage out. A few hours later, people who had carried their luggage onto the bus were able to board a separate bus. An hour later, another bus came and the rest of us got on it without our luggage.

Little did we know but our new bus was going a round about way to our destination. After 25 hours, we finally arrived in Puerto Iguazu at 2:30pm the next day. They didn’t give us any food the second day, so we were starving.  The Dutch guy and me treated ourselves to a nice lunch, coffee, and icecream. The icecream was amazing, I guess I had just chosen the wrong flavor last time. Dulche de Leche I guess is what Argentina is known for and it was damn good. Almost like a creamy butterscotch chocolate.

3 hours later our luggage arrived on another bus.

Shower, clean clothes, shave, and clean teeth- I felt like a new man!

We are staying at Marcopolo Inn Iguazu. It is pretty nice, I haven’t explored the area too much yet. Iguazu also revolves around the tourist industry, with lots of hostels and shops revolving around tourism.

(picture of hostel)


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