Uruguay Day 1 (Bikini Beach)

So I made it! The bus left right on time at 11pm. I didn’t sleep very well on the bus, I kept getting too hot, then too cold. Should have brought a jacket on board. They gave me some alien food and you better believe I ate that shit up.

We rolled up to customs around 3am, and after spitting out something in Spanish the customs guy took my passport. I wasn’t very comfortable with that, but I just followed everyone out of the bus and kept my eyes on him.

It turned out that the guy was collecting everyone’s passports that weren’t from Uruguay so they could get an entry visa for Uruguay.

Some confusing bustling and we were back on the bus. We got to Uruguay around 830 am, it was 1 hour ahead of Buenos (3 hrs ahead of EST).

The bus station was fairly small so less intimidating. I knew that I had to change my money there, so I changed it over from Argentinian Pesos to Uruguayan Pesos. The exchange rate was 20:1.  It is weird because for example my “$25” taxi ride to the hostel actually ran up at $500 Pesos.

I arrived at the hostel, checked in, and immediately wandered out to “bikini beach”.

Apparently it is famous but I have never heard of it. I strolled around, swam, bought a soda which was 100 Pesos, or $5. Fucking rip off. Not a very nice beach; water was brown, overall by my standards I was not very impressed. Everything is so expensive here, apparently it is one of the most expensive places in SA. Small thing of 50 spf sunscreen was $50 US, large beer $8, 20 min taxi ride from airport $25.

I came back to the hostel (El Viajero hostel), met some people, everyone was just chilling. Laziest place ever. Hammocks reggae pool, everyone was just lounging all day.

I am the only person not from Argentina or Brazil here that I have found. So I am getting a lot (too much) spanish in.

I booked a tour for tomorrow, to that giant hand thing, and tour of downtown. I have to get back to Buenos to meet with Juan for our trip to Iguauzu falls so I have to leave here on Thursday. Since the night bus I took on the way here leaves at 9 I don’t have time to catch it. With some trouble, I managed to book my trip home on the Buquebus website.

I catch a bus at midnight on Thursday to Colonia, which is a small city across the bay from Buenos Aires. The bus ride is 5 hours then a 1 hour boat ride from there to Buenos. Since I took it at such an off time I got it for 250 Pesos, the same as I paid for the 10 hour overnight bus.

When I arrive back in Buenos at 730am, I am going to book the night bus. I won’t need a hostel since I will be sleeping on the bus again but I will probably try to shower there and stuff, store my stuff in my friend’s rooms.

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