Buenos Aires Day 2 (Shaving Cream Scam)

Today I woke up around noon and just chilled downstairs for a little while, talked with some other travelers. My Brazilian friend Gustavo invited me to go with them to the markets so I did that.  We got some icecream, it is supposed to be really good here I didn’t think it to be anything special.

We checked out the presidents house, pretty uneventful day.

The hostel was full, so I had to move to another place down the road. This place is much more low key, not as easy to meet people, so I swing by the other hostel tonight.

When I was waiting to ask about the rooms, two travelers came in that just got robbed. One was from Canada who I have been hanging with today. He was at the main bus terminal and some guy sprayed shaving cream on him. Another pretended to wipe it off while a third grabbed his bag with $1000 cash, passport, laptop, everything.. he didn’t have a peso to his name. Apparently it is common, he said there were 15 other people in the station that had the exact same thing done to them.

So I took him under my wing, and am spotting him til he gets money from the embassy tomorrow.

I spoke to some Australians who said the main bus terminal is super sketchy, and after hearing Juans story I am kind of nervous. I have to catch my bus there up to Iguazu falls.

I asked about Uruguay today at the hostel, I was thinking I would go there and catch a bus from there but apparently its a longer bus ride with transfers and makes more sense to just do a round trip ferry ride to Uruguay. It is supposed to be about a 45 min ferry, and then to get to this beach town Punta del Este is another 4 or 5 hours bus ride.

So I am leaning towards doing that, probably stay here one more day tomorrow. Planning on doing the bike tour of the city.

Goddamn.. just got word that the two girls we went to the market with today got their wallet stolen.. we couldn’t find them toward the end because they went to the police station..

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