Buenos Aires Day 1 (Lujan Zoo)

I passed the fuck out last night, I was so exausted, despite the constant slamming of the dooor from late night partiers. Apparently everyone parties until sunrise. I woke up about 10am Buenos Aires time, which is 2 hours ahead of EST.

When I woke up there were only two people left in my 8 bedroom mixed dorm so I got up. I got breakfast, and was a little apprehensive about meeting people. But it was really easy, right away I met a kid from Texas and he asked me if I wanted to go to this Zoo. My other options were the hostel was doing a tour to some local markets, and someone else was going to some pretty area in the city. I opted for the zoo because he said it wasn’t like a regular zoo and you could get really close to the animals.

So after some cereal with warm milk, some down time, and a quick stroll up and down the street, me the Texan and a Brazilian left for the subway.

We took about 3 subway lines then had to catch a bus. It took us a while to catch bus #57 in Plaza Italia, and when we finally did we still had to purchase a ticket. The language barrier was a little tough, I need to brush up on it. But we finally caught the bus. It was a 2 hour bus ride and we finally got to the Lujan Zoo after crossing under an underpass and a short walk on the road.

The zoo was pretty cool; at first all the animals were sleeping but as the day went on they woke up. There is a rumor they drugged, but I don’t know. It was pretty touristy, we were allowed to go in the cages and pet the animals and get pictures with them.

We got to feed an elephant and a bear, I don’t think you can usually do that in zoos?

There were baby tigers there too that we got to hold

oh yea and a rode a camel

pretty badass.

So after we had some dinner (with some American girls we met at the zoo) we went back to the hostel. I was excited to go out last night, so  I went pretty hard.

The hostel I am staying in is called Millhouse, and there are two of them, one down the block from the other. They alternate having parties and the party was at the other hostel last night. I was told about the redbull vodka special (28 Pesos for 2 half cups of vodka and a redbull, $7US). So needless to say after I pounded these I was well on my way to a good night.

We only had an hour to drink before the hostel closed, and I was bombed by the end of it. But everyone was going out to a club after, so I had to run back and grab some pants and money. I was informed to use a certain ATM so I didn’t get fake bills. After grabbing pants we missed our shuttle there and me and the two guys I went to the zoo with had to catch a cab. The cab driver brought us somewhere random in the city, and we grabbed a beer. We then had to catch another cab for another 50 pesos to bring us to the club.

I have never seen anything like this place- the girls were ridiculous, the club was absolutely enormous. I would estimate there were 3-4000 people there. The drinks were expensive even by US standards, 25 Pesos for a beer. I immediately lost everyone I know and continued to get hammered amongst thousands of strangers that I couldn’t communicate with. I managed to strike up conversation with a couple of them (the girls were really stuck up and I had a conversation regarding this with a local). It was really good to practice my spanish, because so many people speak english here, and when I am drunk it just flows. I made a couple girls rate me on my spanish, one gave me a 5/10 and another a 7, not too bad!

So as I stumbled out of the club a 6am in a near blackout state, I tried talking to some guy I don’t remember what I asked. “No hablo espaniol”. So I said english?? Turns out the guy was staying at the same hostel as me, my luck! So we caught a cab back and I passed out.

Woke up at noon today, still drunk. Tried to book another night, but the hostel is full and same with its sister hostel. Sucks. Just starting to get comfortable here and meet people. And on top of that the bike tour I thought I was going on at 2 isnt until tomorrow. So I gotta figure some stuff out, I might just try to crash on the couch here? Pretty grimy.

I spoke with my brother I am not meeting him in Iguazu falls anymore, so I have some more time. I am just going to go with the flow I don’t know how long I am going to spend here. Wish  I could stay here again.

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